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HATech named Top 20 Most Promising DevOps Solutions Providers - 2017

HATech have been shortlisted by industry leading panelists of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts along with the CIOReview editorial board for "exhibiting expertise in solving the impediments in software development.” It’s a privilege to be included in such a short list that contains some of the industry's heavy weights from the DevOps space.

Jon Hathaway reflected on how HATech arrived where it is now recollecting "It's been an exciting journey from being part of an amazing revolution by introducing cloud to the gaming industry, through to seeing the startups we work with explode and acheive great things."

Jon Hathaway goes on to say “We encourage our clients to consider cost management, security and life-cycle management prior to moving to cloud. Too often, these components are addressed after a workload is moved, and it stops clients from maximizing their potential with their cloud solution,” advises Hathaway. “We have helped a significant number of clients reduce their monthly spend, often achieving 50 percent savings. For some of our clients, this could be the difference between $100k a month to $50k or less.”

Congratulations to the team at HATech and your partners and clients for this recognition. You are only as good as the last project you make successful and the reason you have 100% customer retention is now very clear.

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Agile with AWS - A Gaming Story Thank you to the Las Vegas AITP Chapter and the Las Vegas AWS Meetup group for a great evening!

Agile & AWS – with Alex Singh - Agile Coach & Jon Hathaway, CEO of HATech

Thanks to all who made is such a great night on Wednesday 26th April! Huge thanks to the AITP Las Vegas chapter for their support for this event too, along with the AWS Las Vegas meetup group, hats off to everyone who made it!

Building on our DevOps series & AWS efficiencies, Jon Hathaway & Alex Singh presented on how together they transformed IGT through Cloud technologies & Agile development.

Alex & Jon together have a wealth of knowledge to impart to businesses here in Las Vegas and it was very evident last night. It was interesting to hear the questions from the attendees, and the nods of agreement at the answers given by our speakers.

Alex is committed to creating environments where people can experience joy, self-expression (of feelings, thoughts, and ideas), partnership, and satisfaction arising from the completion of challenging and meaningful work. He endeavors to help clients create environments where people can move beyond personal and institutional limitations and to create for themselves deep, transformative learning. Download slides here

Both Alex and Jon understand the Agile landscape and have witnessed with first hand experience both the successes, and the failures.

If you would like to know more, or you are working in an agile team that doesn't feel like its achieving what was promised, our agile transformation team would love to hear from you.

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HATech AWS Meetups in Las Vegas HATech at the April AWS Meetup Kickoff.

HATech LLC launches its first of many SaaS products, aimed at simplifying Service Discovery and Configuration Management in hybrid cloud architectures

Las Vegas, NV, April 17, 2017– HATech LLC, the premier provider of DevOps and Cloud Migration services in Nevada, today announced a new Serverless open BETA for their Highly Available, massively distributed Service Discovery & Configuration Management Service. For the last 2 years HATech have been providing world class DevOps Consulting across the West Coast. This SaaS offering is to help address a common need that appears over and over again.

"Our FACTS SaaS is 100% Serverless, providing organizations with the ability to store configuration data, as Key Values, securely, and to create a service discovery framework to facilitate faster and leaner deployments in any Cloud or VM platform, including on premise." - Jon Hathaway – CEO, HATech LLC

HATech FACTS allows you to store configuration information, similar to Hashicorp Consul and other services such as etcd, but without the necessity of having to run additional infrastructure. Many customers want the benefits of the excellent tools that Consul provides but don’t want to run the infrastructure required to provide a highly available and high performing environment.

"The current implementation of FACTS is built upon AWS and implements Amazon API Gateway, DynamoDB and AWS Lambda to provide a fast REST-based API allowing customers to store & retrieve configuration data for their application. The solution can be deployed in multiple configurations with Small Medium Enterprises and startups benefiting from the Multi-Tenant subscription, and Enterprises capitalizing on an instance of the platform running in their own AWS account that HATech manages and maintains on their behalf." - Jon Hathaway – CEO, HATech LLC

Recent projects have shown an organizations’ hesitancy to move forwards with new technologies is largely due to the lack of internal subject matter experts. As containers and micro-services continue to gather momentum, the complexity of these services typically also increases, hindering organizations from reaping the rewards of a smaller technical foot. Greater technical complexity often means more individuals to maintain and manage the infrastructure, or better tooling. As HATech continues to drive DevOps adoption, other services and capabilities will continue to be added to their portfolio to simplify complex solutions.

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Looking for more Beta Customers

We'd like to thank everyone that has signed up and actively providing feedback for the Beta of this new service. But we are looking for more users. If you already have Consul and are looking for a simpler solution or if you have a container or VM based solution and are looking to move towards a distributed Key/Value and Service Discovery solution that you don't have to manage and is massively scalable then Tab at HATech would love to hear from you! All Beta Customers receive 12 month complementary Facts service Free of Charge as well as discounted rates on other HATech services.

To participate in the HATech FACTS Beta reach out to Tab -

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Our Most Popular Services

icon Cloud Cost Assessment

The simplicity of cloud services has quickly become its ‘gotcha’- there are pitfalls – cloud services should come with a ‘beware, quicksand’ warning.

It becomes extremely easy to spin up new instances for your environments; Dev, Staging and Production – but what happens to those instances that you set up in parallel, just for a quick test? We can help right-size your resources, schedule environments and implement scaling strategies to meet your budget.

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icon Development & Testing

Whether it be Application Development, Automated Testing or Orchestration and Release Engineering, we can provide Staff to complement your existing teams, training and mentoring as we go.

With the reduction in H1B visas, HATech have been establishing their off shore development teams to ensure access to high quality and affordable technical resources are still within reach.

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icon Automation and DevOps

HATech have been automating solutions for years, whether it be automating the deployment of Gaming solutions around the globe, or helping a startup build their complete CI process in 2 days using Terraform and AWS.

Contact Us to accelerate your DevOps plans. We bring with us a wealth of knowledge and a full library of recipes and modules that we've developed over the years to help kickstart any project.


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    We outgrew CloudFormation and moved our entire consulting practice to Terraform a year ago. We use Terraform in our day to day solutions for Infrastructure Lifecycle Management & Infrastructure as Code. [...]

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