13 Month Strategy

Application Re-Architecture Strategy

How It Works

When making the decision to migrate to the cloud, one has high expectations that they will experience substantial cost savings. All too often the savings are quite underwhelming. This is the issue HATech addresses with our 13 Month Strategy.

“Imagine looking back 12 months after your migration and NOT seeing those savings.” read

HATech will hear you out to realize where errors could have been avoided during the process of migrating your business to a cloud environment, and what your goals and expectations are with re-architecting. We dive deep into your applications infrastructure to determine what solutions are best suited for your unique situation and execute a well-developed plan.

Benefits of Re-Architecting Your Application Infrastructure:

  • Lower resource costs
  • More frequent releases
  • Improved application performance

Monthly Cloud Costs

In the process of re-architecting your infrastructure, HATech produces the inevitable by-product of cost savings. If your architecture allows for efficiency, resources will be used as minimally as needed to fulfill its duty. We can even incorporate a tool created to automate the process of bidding on instances. Altogether, taking steps with HATech to re-architect your application can lead to cloud compute savings of up to 80%.

Faster Delivery

There are many factors involved in getting new features into your customers’ hands as quickly as quality will allow. One of those factors should never be your application infrastructure. HATech will work with you in reorganizing, updating, and improving how your application interacts with itself to run as efficiently as possible on both your end and your customers.

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