HATech Expands to Arizona
Jon Hathaway

Jon Hathaway

Award Winning DevOps & Cloud Migration Company Expands Into Arizona

LAS VEGAS, NOV. 28, 2018 – – HATech is three years into its journey and has already experienced massive wins within the tech industry. Based in Las Vegas, this humble start-up was born out of the CEOs tenacious desire to deliver quality features as effectively and efficiently as possible to clients. This tenacity has trickled down the company’s employee pipeline to form what is now a DevOps force to be reckoned with.

The Expansion

HATech’s decision to open its second office in the sunny state of Arizona came as part of their strategic plan to be closer with their current and prospective customers and partners. Having already worked in Arizona with multi-billion dollar Enterprise Companies- planting roots in Arizona simply made sense.

As we don't subcontract, we only grow through direct hiring, and each and every person on our team are our employees that go through our technical academy. Arizona is growing so fast that our customers need more and more of our involvement, and so to better support them, we want our staff closer to be able to respond quicker.

Arizona won’t be the last stop for this booming tech company. As they continue to gain momentum with clients in various markets, you can bank on this solid team making their presence known throughout the country and beyond.


A premiere DevOps Business Transformation and Migration company, HATech is comprised of highly competent, technically trained staff. Being a cloud agnostic company, their skill set is anything but limited to the tools used most frequently on any one platform. These guys stay ahead of trends, continually researching and learning what new tools are available to best serve client needs. Whether you’re running an application on AWS, moving forwards with a container strategy on Kubernetes, or you’re in need of legacy IT modernization, the team at HATech has the know-how and drive to bring your business up a notch.

HATech’s Proof-Of-Concept approach to DevOps Business Transformation allows them to bring your operational costs down 30%, while delivering results 5 times faster than your existing teams. They can also provide a range of other cost saving strategies, such as cloud re-architecting, which can amount to savings upward of 80%.

Contact HATech to find out how they can help improve your business.


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