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Free Cloud Cost Assessment

HATech can help reduce and manage your monthly cloud costs

Cost Cutting for your AWS Cloud

Moving your applications to the cloud is a smart move. With proper architecture & tuning, you can have a scalable environment that increases and decreases to suit your business needs, paying only for what you use. Or that's what you've been told…

The simplicity of cloud services has quickly become its ‘gotcha’- there are pitfalls – cloud services should come with a ‘beware, quicksand’ warning. It becomes extremely easy to spin up new instances for your environments; Dev, Staging and Production – but what happens to those instances that you set up in parallel, just for a quick test? Some environments even end up in different regions. Does your team always remember to shut those down? Delete the unused environments before they start doubling your costs? This is a very real problem and often customers don’t realize there’s an issue until they get their bill.

A Reseller with your success at heart

As an AWS Reseller, we take a pride in making sure every single environment that we build is built to not only our customer’s specification & requirements, but to meet their future business needs. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have the expertise & skills necessary to tailor your cloud environment so that it grows with your business, not cripple it.

We are pleased to be offering new customers a no-obligation Cost Assessment. If you are on AWS and concerned that you may not be getting the best out of your cloud solution, we’d like to invite you to take advantage of our free assessment service!

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More often than not instances are too large for their purpose, resulting in unnecessary expense. This is especially true with environments that were simply lifted into the cloud without any re-architecture taking place. We can help right-size your resources and implement scale up and scale down strategies to meet your budget.

Cost Alerts

Using cloud services is very easy, perhaps too easy – but what about those instances or environments that your Dev teams forgot to tear down? The additional instances they set up for testing? We will alert you when we notice an increase in your spend that doesn't match the strategy or budget you have set.


We can manage your infrastructure to ensure you have little to no idle resources in your environment. We can schedule EC2 instances to start and stop, having them run only when you need them. With the ability to scale when needed and compress when not, auto scaling need not break the bank.

Cost Strategy

We will make recommendations to you on how to capitalize on discounts offered by AWS. Whether it be reserved instances or building an infrastructure utilizing the Free Tier resources as much as possible, we have saved customers up to 80% of the lifetime costs of their AWS infrastructure.

Dedicated, Certified, Architect

Our most valued commodity is our people, and we’ll give you a dedicated Solutions Architect, working with your team to best use your AWS resources and help implement any cost cutting recommendations. They will be your key technical contact throughout your partnership with HATech.

Simple, Clear, Concise Reports

Over the assessment period we will be making reports available daily to plot the success of any cost cutting initiatives we suggest. Need visibility for Management? No problem - just login and show them the difference in your costs between last month and this.

What's included

  • Comprehensive Cost Analysis Reporting
  • Cost Cutting Recommendations and strategy
  • Trusted Advisor assessment
  • Datadog Monitoring Trial
  • Dedicated AWS Certified Solutions Architect

How to get started

  • 1. Sign up for our free service here
  • 2. Book your appointment
  • 3. We will introduce you to your dedicated Solutions Architect
  • 4. Create a Read Only IAM role in your AWS Accounts
  • 5. HATech will start gathering data
  • 6. Your first cost cutting report delivered in 24hrs

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