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HATech is vendor-neutral and driven by a passion to find the right solution to answer your business need.

The Ethical Reseller - Where is the line?

The common approach of the current breed of modern capitalism is that it's ok to do whatever it takes to make a profit, regardless of how it affects the customer. "As long as the customer thinks they are getting value for their money, why should I care?" is the typical mantra...

Event Driven Orchestration in Gaming

Being pioneers at heart, and forever ‘pushing the envelope’ with emerging tech and processes, Jon Hathaway, HATech founder and CEO, and team are proud to be the first ever to build an OpenStack private cloud for the highly regulated gaming industry....

QA, Four Steps to Defining Better Quality

Start simple and iterate forward. It's an expression that we know well as a key tenet of DevOPS and of Agile in general. It's also a concept that applies very well to Quality Assurance. While quality is a key piece of the Continuous Improvement model we find that it is commonly a weak...

Moving to Terraform - Cloud as code

We take a pride here at HATech in being technology and cloud agnostic. We have great relationships with our vendors but our customers' business goals are what ultimately defines the solution. In the last week alone, we have had projects on IBM Bluemix, Openstack, AWS, Google Cloud Engine, native Docker as well as Joyent Triton...

Culture = Integrity, Accountability, & some incentives

If we were to look back at the single most important aspect of the success of HATech working with our clients, our Integrity and Accountability would be at the top of the list. Our tooling and processes were chosen to ensure the visibility and integrity of our engineers towards our customers...

HATech Continuous What? DevOps Model

DevOps is a very ambiguous term and can often mean many things to different individuals. Depending on past experiences and current viewpoints the skills, responsibilities and even the appropriate structure can differ between organizations...

DevOps – delivering value to your customers

Cloud Computing, whether it be a new marketing term, something we’ve always expected or purely viewed as a technical endeavor one thing remains true; do more, with less, faster than we did it yesterday whilst maintaining our reliability and availability...

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