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Case Studies

HATech is vendor-neutral and driven by a passion to find the right solution to answer you business need.

CASE STUDY: Keeping an Entertainment Industry Payment Software Startup’s DevOps on the Same Page

Film, theater, music and television are great because, if only for a moment, they give people a reprieve from the ordinary. But the talented artists who produce these works are just that: people. Behind the scenes, they have to get paid. In these industries, there’s a complex web of residual payments—Blu-ray sales, syndication, use in commercials, you name it—that needs to be accounted for, from the performers to the writers and everyone in between.

Exactuals co-founders Mike Hurst (CEO) and Jason Hiller (CTO) have flipped the script on that complicated process. Having worked extensively with the major studios and guilds in the industry, in their former roles at a Fortune 500 software company, they’ve conducted thorough analysis on the industry’s payment pain points.

CASE STUDY: QA, Helping a mobile manicure app with its internal makeover

Applying a fresh design to an order processing system for an astronomically successful global startup like NailSnaps in three days is exactly the type of challenge we love to get involved with as an AWS Partner. Working in tandem with the NailSnaps team, we leveraged the benefits of AWS’ serverless technologies to give NailSnaps confidence in their order processing capabilities through massively scalable, reliable, on-demand managed services. Because without function, form doesn’t mean a thing..

CASE STUDY: Achieving agility through monitoring automation using Datadog

With a full suite of professional services covering consultancy, architecture, implementation, and staff augmentation plus managed support services, HATech brings BizDevOps best practices and tooling expertise to customers across the leading public and private cloud platforms. HATech chose DataDog to properly manage and support a rapidly expanding pool of customers — especially those customers who were releasing changes to their software every few hours.

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