Modern Monitoring & Analytics

What is Datadog

Datadog combines traditional application performance monitoring with infrastructure monitoring into one, easy-to-use dashboard. Datadog is scalable, extensible, and easily automated to reduce overhead and ensure the right data is accessible to everyone who needs it. Quickly search, filter, and analyze your logs for troubleshooting and open-ended exploration of your data, build real-time interactive dashboards, and get alerted on critical issues.

Next-Gen APM

Set up alerts to notify you of unusual changes within your application or infrastructure, such as a difference in performance that is outside historical patterns. Datadog will run on all your hosts and containers, allowing you to trace requests across your distributed APM data – with the capability of automating the process. With over 250 built-in integrations, you can easily see across all your systems, apps, and services. Using a single dashboard template, view analytics from all the applications and services you currently use, including: Cloud Providers, Message Queues, Code Repositories, Cluster Tools, Web Servers, Monitoring Solutions, Databases, Operating Systems, & more.

Datadog Integrations

Simply Effective

HATech can manage your Datadog integrations for you, setting up alerts based on your threshold parameters for billing, usage, security, and more. Just let us know what dashboards you’d like created, or provide API’s for automation. We’ve partnered with Datadog for the ease-of-use their platform provides, and the integration capability that allows seamless oversight of dependencies across applications. Team collaboration is yet another aspect of Datadog we love. Annotate interesting data points and begin an event stream chat with your team, directly in Datadog, or using your favorite collaboration platform. 

Get To Monitoring

HATech can onboard you with Datadog so you can begin building out and/or automating your dashboards, or fully manage the functionality of the platform on your behalf. Watch the overview video below, then contact us for your free trial.