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Aug 2018

Date Time Topic Event
08/18/2018 10:00 -12:00 HATech Training Academy: Intro to Terraform

To really leverage everything cloud has to offer, automation becomes a necessity. Whether it be to auto scale, create a DR strategy or create a like for like QA and Dev environment, a repeatable and trusted pattern is essential.

On this intro to Terraform, HATech will take the students through why Terraform is rapidly becoming the tool of choice. With over 60 cloud integrations deploying hybrid cloud solutions with one consistent tool chain has never been easier.

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08/25/2018 10:00 -12:00 Intro to Saltstack

This Intro to Saltstack training session will introduce the student to Saltstack, its architecture and why it is so different to other options like Puppet, Chef and Ansible.

This training session will include labs, as well as workloads already deployed in Azure so that the student can focus on learning real world applications and patterns that HATech uses everyday.

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Sep 2018

Date Time Topic Event
09/26/2018 18:30 -20:00 DevOps Meetup – Las Vegas

DevOps Meetup – Las Vegas

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Why Our Academy

With our decades of DevOps experience across many different industries, we bring a wealth of knowledge and anecdotes to the Vegas Tech community. Together we can take a step towards enhancing your skills in your business goals through our DevOps Maturity process.

Giving back

We have a dedicated team that want to help transform Las Vegas into the next Tech Hub and Block Chain capital of the world. Driven by our core values and people first approach, we lead from in front and share our knowledge, bringing True DevOps to our tech community.

What you can Expect

We will be hosting regular training sessions, lunch and learns & C-level events to share industry experiences. Applying technologies and demonstrating real-world use cases is a sure-fire way to inspire change, progress & improvement – that’s what we do!