Jon Hathaway

Jon Hathaway

HATech and Saltstack: Driven Orchestration in Regulated Industries

Being pioneers at heart, and forever ‘pushing the envelope’ with emerging tech and processes, Jon Hathaway, HATech founder and CEO, and team are proud to be the first ever to build an OpenStack private cloud for the highly regulated gaming industry. The team is now automating the remote management and orchestration of slot machines to the casino floor using SaltStack.

As with all solutions, there was first a problem….or rather, a number of problems:

  • Complex deployment and release workflows
  • Regular software updates and not enough people to do them
  • Multiple teams and subject matter experts per deployment

Generally speaking, Windows is not easy to automate. With various pieces of a casino solution bolted together and spread out across multiple servers the challenges were daunting. Add cloud and Linux systems to the mix, combine with many custom and built-in modules, and the team needed an automation platform that could orchestrate deployments across both Windows and Linux servers effectively. The team also needed to work efficiently, without incurring substantial training overhead for a huge team of engineers.

The Webinar is now closed, but we recorded the session and made it available on youtube. We welcome you to learn how HATech addresses these challenges with a solution for one-click deployments within a highly regulated gaming environment. Learn why the team ultimately selected SaltStack for true DevOps orchestration after considering other systems management and configuration automation tools. With SaltStack, the HATech team is now efficiently and securely deploying more software across a more complex and heterogeneous infrastructure.

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