• Insight Success

    Business success can be an enigma. It often happens that several companies of the same size and in the same industry are established at the same time but only one succeeds for seemingly no obvious reason. However, the reasons are certainly there; the trick is to learn to recognize them before the competition does. If you are not very good at detective work yourself, all is not lost – you can always get in touch with HATech.

  • CIO Review

    With all the bright lights and bustling foot traffic, Las Vegas doesn’t conjure up the typical picture of Tech and DevOps initiatives. But for one company, HATech LLC, Las Vegas is just the place to be! Utilizing their breadth of knowledge of not only the Gaming Industry but Startups, through to Enterprise organizations as a whole, HATech is taking DevOps adoption to a whole new level.

  • Industry Era

    Today as technology culminates with each passing second, organizations are trying to move hand-in-hand to enhance their business. Cloud is playing a significant role in this transformation but moving to cloud is far more than migrating workloads. Las Vegas based HATech is focused on business transformation, without which, DevOps or Cloud adoption ultimately fails to deliver on their full value potential. The company is at the forefront of understanding the client’s needs and work with them to streamline the delivery of software and content through automation, mentoring and demonstrating a DevOps culture.

  • VegasTech

    HATech, a Las Vegas-based company in the DevOps and Cloud Migration space, is rolling out a new idea – a new Serverless Consulting and Development practice. Building on their triple digit growth each quarter since November 2015, HATech is partnering with Amazon Web Services to move applications from Virtual Machines to true Serverless Infrastructures. The HATech teams says AWS Lambda provides a unique opportunity for companies needing to move to a truly per transaction and per function model. The team believes that with Serverless technologies, they can massively scale to handle any demand. In the same breath, when things are “quiet” the team can scale the entire architecture back to zero.

  • VegasTech

    Las Vegas startup HATech is on a mission to bring DevOps mastery to organizations through education, transformation, re-architecting, tooling, managed services and hard work. “HATech is first and foremost in the business of helping our clients get to market faster with their online service updates,” explained Jon Hathaway, Founder and CEO. “What that leads to of course is them being more innovative and therefore more competitive.”