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Monitor everything, everywhere with HATech and Datadog

SaaS based Application and Performance monitoring - hundreds of integrations and plugins

The Need for Monitoring

Your business has a lot of moving parts. Web Servers are directing customer traffic, Applications are processing orders, and Databases are storing critical information. When each of these parts functions smoothly, your business operates exactly as intended.

That’s the goal anyway. An important part of maintaining a reliable infrastructure requires the detection of issues before they become a problem. A good monitoring solution provides priceless data, logging, and visualization of, not just your individual systems, but your entire infrastructure. A successful monitoring solution allows your business to be proactive instead of simply reactive.

The HATech and Datadog Solution

Datadog is a fully hosted SaaS solution for monitoring dynamic applications and infrastructures. Datadog was built around the principles of simplicity and scalability. The agent can be installed in minutes, API calls can be built directly into applications, and the open-source agents and integrations can be modified to suit the specific needs of your business.

Through detailed tagging, automatically pulled from meta-data or through custom tags in your configuration, Datadog will automatically detect new hosts as they appear. Datadog will not only scale as fast as your infrastructure does, but HATech works along side your team to help tune and configure, and if needed we can extend your team with our supporting and alerting services.

Quick Setup

Datadog can be setup in minutes. Seriously. Downloading and installing a Datadog agent is incredibly quick, integrations are easily added and configured, and detailed dashboards are immediately available for use. For more complex dashboards, it only takes a few more minutes to create the custom dashboards your business needs.

150+ Integrations

Datadog provides 150+, vendor-supported integrations out-of-the-box to give you the tools you need to get up and running as quickly as possible. Monitoring integrations automatically detect changes to your infrastructure, Messaging integrations allow easy communication with your team, and Alert integrations keep everyone informed.

Easily Integrated

Easily add Datadog to your DevOps pipeline, share graphs across your ogranization, create amazing dashboards automatically. You can be the hero and give your organization the information and visibility they need to be successful, and maintain the reliability customers expect.

Why choose HATech as your Datadog Partner?

Enhanced Free Trial

HATech & Datadog have teamed up to offer a Free 14-Day Trial for you or your business. The trial grants full access to Datadog services, functions, and integrations with HATech providing training, implementation and configuration, and a helping hand to make your trial a success.

Consultation and Planning

With your Free Trial, HATech will provide a free consultation with one of our dedicated Solution Architects to ensure that Datadog is setup, configured, and customized as needed for your business. We will then help you plan your roll out and how to configure Datadog for maximum success.

Access to Knowledge

Throughout the course of your Free Trial, you will have access to HATech’s own knowledge base and expertise. With Datadog as the chosen monitoring service for both external and internal solutions, we have an extensive archive of best practices and use-cases to guarantee you get the most out of your monitoring.

What's included

  • Free 14-Day Datadog Trial
  • Free 14-Day access to HATech Solutions Architects
  • Dedicated HATech Account Team
  • Free Access to the HATech Knowledge Base and lessons learned
  • Roll out strategy and plan for your organization
  • Suggested integrations and customizations to maximize success

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