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Increase your competitive edge through DevOps Patterns

AWS Consulting Partner

AWS undeniably is the most advanced cloud provider in the world. With 100% growth over the last year it is going to be around for the long term. From simple workloads through to complex Serverless applications using cutting edge technologies. HATech is proud to be the Nevada AWS partner of choice for so many projects over the last 9 months. Together with AWS, HATech run the AWS Meetups in Las Vegas and is seen as a thought leader in adopting cloud.

Professional Services Vendor

Many regulators are still more comfortable with the traditional data center approach to IT and system deployments than public cloud. HATech partners with Centurylink to provide Professional Services helping onboard customers that are just starting in their cloud journey and require a mix of both traditional Data Center resources along with the capability to expand to public and private cloud all through one partner.

Platinum Partner

With 100's of plugins available and new extensions being created regularly, Cloudbees Jenkins is without a doubt the best investment for Multi-cloud and Hybrid-cloud CI/CD. With the largest community of any CI tool in the world many patterns and solutions are available. HATech support and deploy using both the Open Source and the Enterprise License Edition of Jenkins working with startups all the way up to Universities and large software development houses.

MSP & Consulting Partner

Monitoring solutions that can cover any deployment, anywhere in the world is essential for creating a single view of your IT infrastructure. Many start off with Nagios or similar solutions only to find they cannot expand their team or become monitoring specialists, detracting from their core business. With 100's of integrations and supporting simple agent customizations for on-premise installations as well as Public and Private Cloud solutions, Datadog is our go-to monitoring partner.

Docker Partner

Having deployed many successful Docker solutions across the West Coast, HATech can accelerate any Docker initiative with ready made patterns and CI/CD pipelining. Whether it be Kubernetes or simply AWS Elastic Container Services, we have built and automated them all.

Each Cloud provider whether it be on premise or public has its nuances. Working with a partner that can make Docker a success is essential to ensure successful adoption and not create another silo within your organization.

Moving from Heroku to AWS - we can help. Checkout our Wedgies Case Study for more details.

Google Compute Partner

While not as extensive as the AWS Cloud, Google Cloud Engine along with Google App Engine provides many tools and components that Startups and Enterprises alike are rapidly consuming. With its simple and fast dashboard all the way through to its library of ready made Docker Containers that will run on the Kubernetes framework there is something for everyone.

HATech provide automation and CI/CD services for all cloud partners with GCE being our most popular target cloud platform for hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure Partner

HATech being well placed in Las Vegas, Nevada, we work with Casino Operators and Systems Developers still traditionally using .NET as their core programming framework as they journey towards cloud. With the tight integration into Visual Studio, Azure is simply the most likely target for any organization wishing to move on-premise deployments from Casino Data Center to Cloud.

Coupled with AWS, Azure is a very popular choice for hybrid-cloud solutions with web and social applications being securely hosted on AWS and other more traditional MS workloads being planned to move to Azure.

Openstack Consulting Partner

3 years ago, the team now at HATech brought the first Openstack platform to gaming. With connected Slot Machines from LATAM as well as EMEA, Mirantis was the Openstack vendor of choice to provide a solution with the relability and manageability required to support such mission critical applications.

Having moved a well known G2S Slot Management solution from on-premise installations to the cloud, the team now at HATech reduced the deployment time from months to hours.

Having managed and deployed Openstack environments across North America and Europe, HATech working with Mirantis can make Openstack a reality.

Nginx Partner

For simplicity, many starting on their journey to the cloud adopt the default components available. But as the deployment stretches from a mere migration to application re-architecture, the gaps start to show. One of the challenges that presents itself is whether we architect around a particular shortfall in a cloud vendors capability, or replace the component entirely.

Portability is an essential component that must be baked into a cloud strategy from the outset. HATech work with Nginx to ensure applications that require load-balancing and HTTP routing, look, feel and behave the same way across any cloud platform.

Training & Consulting Partner

Saltstack quite simply is the HATech DevOps Swiss Army Knife of choice. Declarative systems states through to event driven orchestration are necessary for teams that wish to experience true systems automation and orchestration.

Salt is the only solution that watches and listens for events that occur in a system, with each event initiating corrective or configuration actions using a very simple rules engine.

You need to add a VM to a load-balancer when it reaches a state of readiness, or trigger automatic remediation for a given failure? Saltstack can help you achieve this across any cloud, any load-balancer anywhere in the world.

Supernap Channel Partner

The premier, and only Certified Tier 4 Datacenter in the world, the Switch eco-system really is second to none. HATech's main engineering office is only meters away, supporting simple rack and stack projects all the way through to DevOps CI/CD engagements automating the delivery of software from Customers all around the world.

Trusted by many, HATech can supplement the Supernap eco-system with Architecture, Installation and Automation services.

XebiaLabs Consulting Partner

HATech have partnered with XebiaLabs to develop enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery and DevOps solutions, providing companies with the visibility, automation and control to deliver software faster and with less risk.

We provide lightweight, plug-and-play solutions for Continuous Integration, deployment, environment provisioning, Agile testing and release coordination, helping your teams build your delivery automation platform step by step.

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