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Agile and AWS: A Presentation at AWS Las Vegas

  • April 26, 2017
  • Stephanie Bryant
  • agile, scrum, aws

Wednesday night, I went to a presentation on Agile and AWS held by AWS Las Vegas at Innevation Center. The speakers were Jon Hathaway of HATech, and Alex Singh of OrgAgility.

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  • For Immediate Release
  • April 17, 2017
  • Cloud, Serverless, Facts

HATech LLC launches its first of many SaaS products, aimed at simplifying Service Discovery and Configuration Management in hybrid cloud architectures

Las Vegas, NV, April 17, 2017– HATech LLC, the premier provider of DevOps and Cloud Migration services in Nevada, today announced a new Serverless open BETA for their Highly Available, massively distributed Service Discovery & Configuration Management Service. For the last 2 years HATech have been providing world class DevOps Consulting across the West Coast. This SaaS offering is to help address a common need that appears over and over again.

"Our FACTS SaaS is 100% Serverless, providing organizations with the ability to store configuration data, as Key Values, securely, and to create a service discovery framework to facilitate faster and leaner deployments in any Cloud or VM platform, including on premise." - Jon Hathaway – CEO, HATech LLC

HATech FACTS allows you to store configuration information, similar to Hashicorp Consul and other services such as etcd, but without the necessity of having to run additional infrastructure. Many customers want the benefits of the excellent tools that Consul provides but don’t want to run the infrastructure required to provide a highly available and high performing environment.

"The current implementation of FACTS is built upon AWS and implements Amazon API Gateway, DynamoDB and AWS Lambda to provide a fast REST-based API allowing customers to store & retrieve configuration data for their application. The solution can be deployed in multiple configurations with Small Medium Enterprises and startups benefitting from the Multi-Tenant subscription, and Enterprises capitalizing on an instance of the platform running in their own AWS account that HATech manages and maintains on their behalf." - Jon Hathaway – CEO, HATech LLC

Recent projects have shown an organizations’ hesitancy to move forwards with new technologies is largely due to the lack of internal subject matter experts. As containers and micro-services continue to gather momentum, the complexity of these services typically also increases, hindering organizations from reaping the rewards of a smaller technical foot. Greater technical complexity often means more individuals to maintain and manage the infrastructure, or better tooling. As HATech continues to drive DevOps adoption, other services and capabilities will continue to be added to their portfolio to simplify complex solutions.

Looking for more Beta Customers

We'd like to thank everyone that has signed up and actively providing feedback for the Beta of this new service. But we are looking for more users. If you already have Consul and are looking for a simpler solution or if you have a container or VM based solution and are looking to move towards a distributed Key/Value and Service Discovery solution that you don't have to manage and is massively scalable then Tab at HATech would love to hear from you! All Beta Customers receive 12 month complementary Facts service Free of Charge as well as discounted rates on other HATech services.

To participate in the HATech FACTS Beta reach out to Tab -

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About HATech LLC

HATech LLC is an AWS Consulting Partner, with specialist AWS certifications in Serverless Cloud Applications and DevOps. HATech are an AWS Reseller and Docker Mentor, and provide Managed Services and Engineering resources from their HATech Head Quarters in Las Vegas, and offshore development teams in South America & Bangladesh.

HATech bring Tooling, Development and Leadership to existing teams, transforming business practices and driving rapid delivery of product into customers’ hands. HATech partners with their customers to provide mentoring and training to existing teams, aligning Leaderships goals and vision for the organization.

Jon Hathaway – CEO provides Leadership and Industry expertise to a number of organizations, technical boards, and is actively involved with the Las Vegas Startup community. He has architected and delivered DevOps solutions to a number of Stanford University’s StartX entrepreneurs accelerating their product delivery. He is a respected member of the community, and has the pleasure of speaking at many conferences and technical summits around the world.

HATech Hosts Mentor Sessions at The Innevation Center

  • September 14, 2016
  • @JackieMJensen
  • Las Vegas Press

HATech is a Las Vegas startup on a mission to bring DevOps mastery to organizations through education, transformation, re-architecting, tooling, managed services and hard work. The HATech team recently announced they are are offering Mentor Sessions each month at The Innevation Center for fellow Las Vegas startups.

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  • For Immediate Release
  • June 28, 2016
  • Cloud, Serverless, AWS

HATech LLC launches Serverless Consulting and Development Practice in Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas, NV, July 28, 2016– HATech LLC, the premier provider of DevOps and Cloud Migration services in Nevada, today announced a new Serverless Consulting and Development Practice. Building on triple digit growth each quarter since November 2015, HATech with Amazon Web Services, are building on their continued success in moving applications from Virtual Machines to true Serverless Infrastructures.

"With the advance of cloud, the ability to have a true utility based pricing model hasn’t been possible until now. With all vendors some VM footprint is always required even when the system is doing nothing. Serverless computing changes all known paradigms allowing our clients to only consume compute resource when there is actually work to be done." - Jon Hathaway – CEO, HATech LLC

Recent projects show that simply moving an application workload from a single VM to a serverless infrastructure not only provides enormous scale, but true utility based cost models provide savings of anywhere up to 99%. HATech will be offering their Serverless Consulting and Development practice globally, supporting customers with consulting and best practices, all the way through to Serverless development and Continual Integration.

"HATech really exceeded my expectations. They have such a solid grasp of what AWS offers and how to set things up properly to maximize possibility for scale, maximize clarity for future development. Having HATech’s assistance allowed us to benefit from AWS so much more that we would have if we’d try to do it without their help." – Angel Anderson – CEO,

About HATech LLC

HATech LLC is a Cloud and DevOps Consulting company Head Quartered in Las Vegas with offices in Reno, NV and Belgrade, Serbia.

HATech bring Tooling, Development and Leadership to existing teams, transforming business practices and driving rapid delivery of product into customers’ hands.

HATech accomplish this through partnering, mentoring and training of the existing team, aligning Leaderships goals and vision for the organization with the work being completed daily, and a simple servant-leader environment in which we leave no man behind, striving for excellence and accountability in everything we do.

HATech encourage Agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban and work with the teams to identify what Agile really needs to look like for the team HATech are working with. Each team is different, each team has different personalities and more importantly each organization has unique goals and aspirations that need to be executed on. By streamlining communication from the Leadership team, through development and through to the Operations teams HATech empowers the process of building a BizDevOps culture that transcends the traditional business boundaries and silos.

Meet HATech: Bringing DevOps Mastery to Organizations

Las Vegas startup HATech is on a mission to bring DevOps mastery to organizations through education, transformation, re-architecting, tooling, managed services and hard work.

"HATech is first and foremost in the business of helping our clients get to market faster with their online service updates," explained Jon Hathaway, Founder and CEO. "What that leads to of course is them being more innovative and therefore more competitive."

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