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What is Aurora?

AWS Aurora for RDS is a MySQL-compatible, fully managed relational database. It has been built from the ground up to be as reliable as high-end commerical databases such as Oracle and MS SQL, but with the price point of open-source databases. Aurora is a drop in replacement for MySQL and MariaDB providing a simple migration plan for customers wanting to benefit from a MySQL compatible database that can deliver upto 5x the performance.

You can migrate to Aurora in a number of ways. mysqldump is the easiest method, taking a dump of your existing database and then importing it. You can also use the RDS DB snapshot migration feature to migrate an RDS MySQL DB to Aurora.

What are good workloads for Aurora?

All technologies have their sweet spots. For you to benefit from Aurora's speed enhancements it is necessary for the right types of data to be located in Aurora. For example, data that is constantly read and accessed is a great use case for Aurora as the data will not be pulled from disk and the intelligent I/O rebalancing will have had opportunity to profile your data access providing a consistent performance.

Innapropriate types of data for Aurora are those that are accessed infrequently as these will be pulled from the disk and it is unlikely you will see the performance increase you were hoping for.

There are still use cases for Aurora if speed isn't the single biggest motivator for you. For example Read nodes are a great way to scale your MySQL databases and thanks to the tight coupling of self-healing SSD backed virtualized storage you can expect a high level of fault tolerance for your mission critical applications. Or simply having the ability to scale form 10GB to 64TB withough requiring any service disruptions to resize your data volumes may simply be the silver bullet you've been waiting for.

Getting Started with Aurora

We can help you benefit from AWS Aurora. We have been working with Aurora prior to it being made generally available and having had the privilege of working on some exciting and challenging projects, we have built up the patterns not only to migrate your data to Aurora, but to automate the complete process.


Backup your Data

We will help you take your current databases and prepare them for Aurora. We will document your current configuration, mapping all application dependencies. This includes profiling the database, preparing the configuraiton and necessary global settings required for your application.


Migrate to Aurora

The size and the type of database backup available will determine the total time for the migration. We will uplaod the database backup to AWS and then manage the migration from start to finish, testing the new Aurora instance to ensure it is pre-warmed and ready for your application switch over.


Switch to Aurora

The big day arrives, and HATech is there to help you over the finish line. We will help you conifgure your application to communicate with Aurora and access your databases. If for any reason something unexpected happens, you can rest assured that we have the roll back plan ready to be executed.


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