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What is DevOps?

The DevOps culture is typically defined as the ability to deliver from a Product to Production. Automation is synonomous with DevOps, releasing code changes multiple times per day requires automation for it to be reliable and repeatable. It is not an easy transition to make and requires the organization to move through multiple stages before it arrives at its destination. This can be tackled in a few different ways from adopting a true DevOps pattern for a particular product, or bringing the whole organization up to the same level of maturity at the same time.

Creating a DevOps Culture

HATech takes the position that DevOps is a culture that transcends traditional boundaries rather than a separate siloed team in an organization. Expertise from many areas of the business coming together daily and working as one ‘team’ in our experience is one of the most effective methods to adopt ‘DevOps’. Unfortunately most organizations are not structured to support cross-team initiatives.

Partner with HATech for success

DevOps is a very ambiguous term and often can mean many things to many different individuals. Depending on past experiences and current viewpoints the skills, responsibilities and even the structure are different between organizations.

HATech firmly believe that for DevOps to work there must be alignment across vision, strategy and process. Our commitment to our clients as part of a DevOps engagement ensures we empower the organization in their long term DevOps vision and strategy.

Through a tried and tested method, HATech has helped organizations transform their business. Our Maturity model starts with a readiness assessment highlighting areas we partner together to improve. Whether it is team re-structuring, processes, development practices or introducing tools and skills to drive the adoption of single click deployments we at HATech are invested in our clients success.

3 Simple Steps to DevOps


Tear down silos

Leaders need to be inclusive of all teams in all projects being mindful that all are affected. Resist the natural tendency to build a DevOps Team and create a new 'DevOps Manager' role. All this does is create another silo.


Deliver value

Look for the quick wins and choose a project that everyone can succeed on and appreciate how all components work together. This is the start of building the DevOps culture.


Automate Success

Releasing 100's of times a day all require faster and more precise methods. This is when automation and orchestration is introduced - ensuring that processes with the biggest return are automated first


DevOps. It's a culture transcending business boundaries.

DevOps is more than just Dev and Ops. It encompases a practice and culture of focusing on business needs instead of just technical processes and activities. The agility gained from this cultural transformation, supported by automation, is a game changer. Our DevOps consulting services provide the skills and vision to ensure your organization succeeds in your DevOps adoption.

Product Management

HATech can provide Product Owners to structure customer driven releases. Through an introduction of agile practices, we often take the lead to mentor Product teams driving requirements analysis through to release planning.

Engineering Staff

No organization ever has all the skills required at the most critical time. Whether it be Automated Testing or Orchestration and Release Engineering, we can provide Staff to complement your existing teams, training and mentoring as we go.

Support Services

With a global 24/7 support capability, HATech have the alerting, monitoring and logging services ready to be added to any solution. Coupled with our highly trained support team we can augment your current IT and Operations strategy adding new skills and capabilities.

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