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What is Serverless?

Serverless Computing is the methodology of creating short lived on-demand compute resources, abstracted from their virtual and hardware requirements that come into existence at the point in time they are needed. Serverless compute resources must be able to start and stop rapidly. For a cloud vendor to be classed as a true serverless vendor they must be able to support sub-second billing and be able to scale to many parallel compute processes.

AWS Lambda removes the need to provision or manage any server. AWS Lambda only runs when needed and only consumes resources when running - pay only for the compute time you consume. HATech has implemented many AWS Lambda solutions, running virtually any type of application or backend services - with virtually zero administration. By simply uploading your code the AWS Lambda eco-system takes care of everything else, including high availability and the instantiation of your Lambda function. Having integration with other AWS services Lambda functions can be simply triggered using a number of methods. SNS notifications through to S3 events and DynamoDB events can all be used to trigger your code.

Getting Started with AWS Lambda

A great way to think of serverless is the ability to distribute compute requests across a huge landscape of resources. A well designed serverless 'function' processes a single thread or request on-demand and then stops itself, waiting for the next invocation.

AWS Lambda runs your code on a high-availability compute infrastructure and performs all of the administration of the compute resources, including server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning and automatic scaling, code monitoring and logging. All you need to do is supply your code in one of the languages that AWS Lambda supports (currently Node.js, Java, and Python).

How do I start?


Upload your Code

AWS Lambda is an ideal compute platform for many application scenarios, provided that you can write your application code in languages supported by AWS Lambda (that is, Node.js, Java, and Python), and run within the AWS Lambda standard runtime environment and resources provided by Lambda.


Setup Triggers

You can use AWS Lambda to execute code in response to triggers such as changes in data, shifts in system state, or actions by users. Lambda can be directly triggered by AWS services such as S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, SNS, and CloudWatch allowing you to build a variety of real-time serverless data processing systems.


Pay Your Bill

With AWS Lambda, you pay only for what you use. You are charged based on the number of requests for your functions and the time your code executes. The Lambda free tier includes 1M free requests per month and 400,000 GB-seconds of compute time per month.


AWS Lambda Development and Consulting Services

HATech have worked on and implemented many lambda projects. In fact, HATech use AWS Lambda for nearly all SaaS offerings including our very own distributed Key/Value store we use to store service end points and configuration data. AWS Lambda does require a different way of thinking about your problem but with HATech we can help you Architect, Deploy and Manage your AWS Lambda eco-system.

Design Services

With extensive experience in the Serverless marketplace, HATech can design and architect a Lambda solution for your business. From ETL and integration services through to full web based applications, HATech provide our Design services globally to meet the needs of our clients.

Engineering Staff

From Mobile applications on iOS and Android, through to HTML5 responsive single page Javascript enabled applications. Our engineering team can build and implement a solution on any serverless platform or train and mentor your internal team empowering your business for continued success.

Support Services

Everything designed and built needs to be supported and maintained. Our 24/7 Global Support infrastructure is available to you, providing application and solution support to ensure your brand and your reputation is protected. From AWS infrastructure through to IBM Bluemix we are a true hybrid cloud partner.

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