Intelligent Workload Management

What Is SpotInst

SpotInst is a virtual cloud agnostic layer that functions as a multi-cloud enabler. They intelligently facilitate the balance between different infrastructure purchase options – from web applications, containers, scientific computing, rendering, financial simulation, Hadoop, Spark, caching tiers, and more – and offer a line of smart infrastructure products that bring the public cloud experience to any hardware or facility.

Two Companies, One Focus

Couple this powerful tool with HATech’s 13-month application re-architecture strategy, and clients will see cloud compute cost savings of up to 80%.

So, what’s the catch? Nothing. You might ask how much it is going to cost you when seeking out another company to help fulfill a need. Imagine if it didn’t cost you anything more than what you’re already paying. HATech’s partnership with SpotInst allows MSP customers to do just that. Our incentive for saving you money is paying ourselves based on your first month’s savings.

HATech can help you re-architect your application’s infrastructure to deliver new features faster, more reliably, and in a more cost-effective manner, applying SpotInst to automate the redistribution of workloads.

SpotInst HATech

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